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Living on a budget

Unless you win the lottery jackpot, living alone requires heavy budgeting. Buying in bulk when sometime goes on sale.. this is just the first of it.. other than mortgage payments, maintenance fees, bills and such, the place where one usually spends the most money is on food. I have to say that i’ve been doing […]

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long overdue, but here it is

Everyone are amazed at the speed it took for me to get my unit all cleaned up and ready for show. it took me a total of what? 2 days? (it’s only been a month and a half, and i can’t remember already..) i’ve mentioned before how small (but perfect) my place is, and i […]

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A place to call my own

It’s done!! I’m officially moved out!!!!!! And all it took was a day and a half!! (one of the perks of living in a small space!) I love my free couch (from home) I love my bed (less than 2 years old) I love my NORDEN Gateleg table ($50) I love my bar stools from Walmart ($69 […]

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Joy & Luke

finally got around to it. it’s been.. 2 months since!!!! actually.. i edited the pictures a while ago but haven’t had a chance to post it here they are:

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Mini vacation

today is a special day. on our 5th year anniversary (which happens to be on a friday), we decided to take a few days off of work. including the weekend, we had 6 days off. now about a month ago, Ruth’s Chris was having their 44 year anniversary promotion of $88 gift cards for $44… […]

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Another first?

i’ve been putting off the purpose of creating this blog, which is documenting my oh-so-interesting life. when Kevin was making this blog for me, he said: you better blog often cuz i went thru so much trying to make this easier for you! (or something along those lines) well.. 2 months later..  i’m finally on […]

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