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Category Archives: Thoughts

The beginning…

April 20th, 2014 – (week 4) It’s only been 2 days since we found out that I am pregos from the pregnancy test, Good Friday of 2014. Since it’s the long weekend I haven’t had a chance to go to the doctors for the actual confirmation yet, but in my heart I knew that I […]

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Wedding Update

Yup. Just one month left until Cuba. There are still things on the list that has not been checked off yet, but we are getting there. One major item that I crossed off the list are the flowers. Yes, the wedding package from the resort in Cuba did include flowers, however, they were only provided […]

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Second Shoot

I remember how it all started. I was a photography assistant to a few photographers, and I remember after assisting a few weddings, I started being impatient. Impatient to learn. Impatient to grow. “Why can’t I be a second shooter yet?” I would ask. And the answer would always be because I was not ready […]

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It’s the little things that count

I was just editing photos from a wedding that I second shot at last summer and found this image among photos I took. Apparently a certain someone was tempering with my camera the night before my shoot. <3  

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Why I love what I do… Reason #3452

Yes… the number is random. But I really love what I do!! For a lot of us photographers, we work really really hard on the day of your wedding. I have shot weddings that are 17 hours straight; shot weddings with temperatures as high as 35 degrees to as low as -15 degrees… And these […]

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Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na, Batman!

I don’t know if I’m the only girl who thinks so, but doesn’t a man look extra sexy when he does household chores? So this morning when Kevin was doing the dishes, I just sat there at the breakfast bar, hands cupping my face, staring at him with a loving smile…. drooling, almost…. when he […]

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