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Category Archives: My Cooking Adventure


I always love making little snacks to nibble here and there. Since spring/summer/fall is always busy for me, I try to take advantage of winter to make as much things as possible. It also works out for the better, since a lot of the major holidays is during winter time, and I am able to […]

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Happy holidays~!

Hello all! December is a busy time of the year because of all the family and friends gatherings. I want to take this opportunity and wish everyone a great holiday season! Since a post is always more interested with photos, here are a couple of photos of the food/gifts I made this year. Enjoy~  

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Home made soy milk :)

One thing that my family has taught me on how to save money, is to make everything yourself. My parents are known to make their own wine, soy sauce, miso paste, kimchi, and much much more. Not only do you save money, it’s healthier too!! 🙂 Here are some photos I documented when I made […]

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Will you be my Valentine?

Will you be my Valentine? I’ll give you cookies!! All packed up and read to go! Happy Valentines! <3

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Guess what I made for lunch today?

The idea came from a Japanese show that I watched while vacationing in Taiwan. I’ve been wanting to try it out! Can you guess what I made? Ingredient: Radish, stir fried stuffings (I used garlic, mushroom, potato, cabbage and ground beef), flour, and water. Here’s a clue. I sliced the radish really thin and rubbed […]

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Time saver

When I was working part time at Starbucks, people always asked me “How do you find time to cook in the morning when you have to be at work at 5:30AM?” Well, it’s not hard really. 1. Pre cut and wash 2. Always have a pot of soup on the stove. *My stomach was feeling […]

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