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Category Archives: Food

Yes, it’s living on a budget time.

Kevin asked me if I read the Starbucks story yet. I know which book he’s referring to. It’s the Howard Schultz book that I received from Starbucks a few weeks ago. “No, not yet. Why? Do you want to read it? If you do, can you be careful? You break you buy!!” “What?!?! Why?? You […]

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I love butter! And I love Butter Avenue!

People who know me, know that I love butter. During the early stages of our relationship, Kevin took me to Lobster Royale for dinner. I think I scared him with the amount of butter I ate with my lobster. I dunked the entire piece lobster meat into the melted butter, and quickly transported it into […]

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Cooking Adventure

Kevin called me on his way home today. He asked me what I was doing, so I told him the truth. I was watching Criminal Minds on Bravo. Again. I didn’t want him to think that was all that I did today, bumming around, watching tv all day. So I quickly added “I also cleaned […]

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Happy December!!

The last few weeks were totally great!!! Everything that has happened are blog worthy and it will take a while for me to blog about them all!!! Firstly, I flew to Japan to surprise Kevin, with the help of his brother. 🙂 Will have to post a real blog entry about this for sure! Just […]

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“OMG Tin I have to take you to this restaurant! You’ll love it! They have bone marrows!!” That was how I found out about a little restaurant called the Hoof Cafe. My best friend Lisa knew that I would love this restaurant because they serve all different types of meat in ways that you would […]

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Chef Mom!

My mom is the best cook i know! She can make a full table of food from scratch and feed 20 people AND there will still be food left over. She can make fried chicken that kevin though was store bought. She can make her own version of pork bone soup after having one at […]

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