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06.01.2013 Adriana and Tommy

It was boxing day, Adriana had an overnight shift at the hospital where she works as a nurse, and went straight shopping with her mom and sister. Obviously, she was tired when she finally got home. But the surprise that was waiting for her at home took all her tiredness away. Tommy was there waiting for her. He learned and played the classical “Love Song” (when they first told me, I thought they were talking about the Taylor Swift version… how classy of me) on the piano for Adriana when she got home. That was when Tommy proposed to Adriana.

Adriana and Tommy have been together for more than 8 years now. They were in the same highschool, but never really talked to each other as they were in different grades. They were also in the same university for a year, but then again, they never talked to each other. It’s funny how their paths never crossed even though they were in the same schools. It wasn’t until they went on the same mission 8 years ago that they finally kept in touch, and finally started dating a couple of months after that. 🙂

Love these two.

Knowing that we probably wouldn’t have enough time on the day of their wedding to do creatives, we actually had a pre-wedding shoot for Adriana and Tommy. It’s a great time saver and a great excuse to wear your wedding dress more than once. 🙂 Can you guess which photos were from the pre-wedding and which were from the actual wedding day?



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