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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Jessica and Clarence are engaged!

You know when you first meet someone, and you just know you could be friends? Well, when I first met Jessica and Clarence, that was the exact feeling I had. Our meeting was interrupted by the barrista because the store was closing, so they invited me back at their home and we continued the meeting there. 🙂 […]

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Alva and James are engaged!

As a wedding photographer, I often get bookings from clients without even meeting them at all. But to be completely honest, I do prefer to meet my couples before they sign the contract. I love that initial meeting, where you get to learn about the couple and see how they interact with each other. I […]

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Winner shot: Adriana and Tommy

It has been busy. Like, really busy. As you can see from my lack of new posts, you can probably guess how crazy my schedule is lately. I pretty much have a wedding each and every weekend from June 1st to when I leave for Cuba for my own wedding. So, sorry for not being […]

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Winner Shot: Alva and James

I’ve been to the Toronto center island a few times after I became a professional wedding photographer. Every time I go, I would think about how great it would be to shoot an engagement session there. So imagine my happiness when Alva and James suggested to go there for their e-session even before I had […]

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Wedding Update

Yup. Just one month left until Cuba. There are still things on the list that has not been checked off yet, but we are getting there. One major item that I crossed off the list are the flowers. Yes, the wedding package from the resort in Cuba did include flowers, however, they were only provided […]

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