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Monthly Archives: January 2012

10.29.2011 May and Ken

A quick wiki search showed the following definition of Love. “Love is also a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection” For everyone who knows May, you would agree with me that this definition of Love, also describes May. A few days before their wedding, May and I met up at a Starbucks […]

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Guess what I made for lunch today?

The idea came from a Japanese show that I watched while vacationing in Taiwan. I’ve been wanting to try it out! Can you guess what I made? Ingredient: Radish, stir fried stuffings (I used garlic, mushroom, potato, cabbage and ground beef), flour, and water. Here’s a clue. I sliced the radish really thin and rubbed […]

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Is this even a real word? Shrimping? Or should I say shrimp fishing? Anyways, if you’ve been to Taiwan, you may have noticed that there are swimming pools here are not meant for swimming. Not for human, at least. These pools contains shrimps and for $300 NT, you can have two hours of shrimping fun! […]

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10.08.2011 Sharon and Ray

So here’s the thing. Sharon is really bad with directions. So bad that when I first met up with her, I had to wait for her for a bit because she thought the Starbucks we were meeting at was at Eatons Centre, when the actual location was near Eglinton Station. :p It was fine with […]

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Things worth celebrating.

“It’s the busiest I’ve ever seen!” My friend told me as we walked into Maui, a tiny little lounge that was tugged in a quiet alley of a busy neighbourhood. I would never have been able to find this place if it wasn’t for my friend who lives in that area. Apparently everytime they come […]

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