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Yes, it’s living on a budget time.

Kevin asked me if I read the Starbucks story yet. I know which book he’s referring to. It’s the Howard Schultz book that I received from Starbucks a few weeks ago. “No, not yet. Why? Do you want to read it? If you do, can you be careful? You break you buy!!” “What?!?! Why?? You got it for free from Starbucks.”

Well, because! It looks good on my book shelf!!! It’s a hard cover!!

Anyways, I know Kevin wouldn’t really read it anyways. If anything, maybe he should finish his own book first! The one that he started months and months ago! Hmpt!

So I made dinner a few nights ago, Ma Po Tofu on rice with roasted Chicken Leg on a bed of cubed veggies. It wasn’t until we’ve finished the rice when Kevin told me it’s been a while since I did an installment of Living on a Budget. Which was when he convinced me to take a picture of our dinner (well, part of it) with my ugly living room light. Kevin insisted to hold the plate of chicken for me to take a picture of and then later realized that he didn’t like his shirt in the picture because it’s so wrinkly (or was it the colour? I forgot) but i’m still going to post it anyways because he made me take the picture. *deep breath*

Our dinner probably costed us $5 each, which includes a glass of wine (free! home made wine. I love my parents!)


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