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Cooking Adventure

Kevin called me on his way home today. He asked me what I was doing, so I told him the truth. I was watching Criminal Minds on Bravo. Again.

I didn’t want him to think that was all that I did today, bumming around, watching tv all day. So I quickly added “I also cleaned up the place, did laundry and cooked! And oh yeah I narrowed down which pictures to blog for Sandy and Albert’s Engagement shoot!” 🙂 I also told him that this was my last wedding/engagement shoot from 2010 and I need to get some new material, quick! Or else I would run out of things to blog about!!

“What about your “living on a budget” series?” Kevin asked. What?? I have a series?? I thought that was just the title for a blog entry way back when. Lol~~

So THIS was when I said something along the line of “Oh yeah I haven’t blogged about my cooking adventures for a while, I should blog about my oatmeal raison cookies!” And THIS was when Kevin decided for me that this should be the name of my new series. My Cooking Adventure. Really??

He said if not, he’s going to continue calling it Living on a budget. So yeah. My Cooking Adventure it is.

I gave some of these cookies to my sister and she gave me a mini banana loaf in return. 🙂 it’s soooooo cute!! I gotta get myself one of these mini loaf pans!!!


by tin

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Kevin - hahaha..the loaf is so cute!01/11/2011 - 1:20 AM

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