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Happy December!!

The last few weeks were totally great!!! Everything that has happened are blog worthy and it will take a while for me to blog about them all!!!

Firstly, I flew to Japan to surprise Kevin, with the help of his brother. 🙂 Will have to post a real blog entry about this for sure! Just wait till I get to the photos from Japan… hmmmm Chicken Sashimi……. No, really, I had chicken sashimi! in Tokyo!!

Came back to Toronto just in time for Christmas Eve. Dinner with family is always great!! Especially it’s my first Christmas Eve Dinner after I moved out! Too bad mommy and daddy are still in Taiwan and could not celebrate them. 🙁

Had christmas dinner with Kevin and his family + XBox Kinect. This is always fun! Every year I look forward to this dinner. It is always full of food, video games, mah jang, gifts and socks!! :p

Helping fellow photographer friends Sandy and Albert by taking care of their beagle puppy West! 🙂 This was such a wonderful experience and it just confirms that I will definitely get a puppy for myself, hopefully in the near future. 🙂

Now a blog post is never pretty to look at without pictures. So here are some pictures of the Cinderella Pumpkin Cake that I made a month or so ago. I thought the pumpkin in it makes it quit fitting for this month. Happy holidays!!


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