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“OMG Tin I have to take you to this restaurant! You’ll love it! They have bone marrows!!”

That was how I found out about a little restaurant called the Hoof Cafe.

My best friend Lisa knew that I would love this restaurant because they serve all different types of meat in ways that you would not imagine. So she took me out on a date. 🙂 For my birthday.

One of the hype from the Hoof Cafe is their baked bone marrow. Yes. Bone marrow. And I love it!

This restaurant was, as promised, amazing!!!! I would go back again and try the rest of the items on the menu that I haven’t tried this time.

Can you guess what this is? It’s actually a fried donut…… WITH BONE MARROW STUFFING!!!

the famed baked bone marrow!

My favorite dish from the day was the one on the right. Waffles with banana and BACON!!!!! yummmmmmmm!!!!!

Thanks babes for taking me out on my birthday!! I love the restaurant, the food, and you!! 🙂 muah~! <3


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