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Monthly Archives: November 2010


“OMG Tin I have to take you to this restaurant! You’ll love it! They have bone marrows!!” That was how I found out about a little restaurant called the Hoof Cafe. My best friend Lisa knew that I would love this restaurant because they serve all different types of meat in ways that you would […]

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My super power.

Kevin hates traveling long distance with me by car. And by long distance, I mean anything longer than a 1 hour car ride. Yes, this includes being stuck in traffic. Reason being is that, at the half hour mark, I’m usually asleep or is falling asleep. I LOVE sleeping and I can sleep under any […]

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2010.08.14. Michelle and Stuart

I was so happy when Ron asked me to join him and the team to document Michelle and Stuart’s awesome backyard wedding. At first, when I heard that everything (getting ready, ceremony and reception) was happening at the same location, I was super psyched and nervous at the same time. Psyched because, well, there’s no […]

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My homey home

I’ve always wanted to have my own Christmas tree. Not a big one, but one that I can put on a desk. You know, a tiny one. For my tiny place. 🙂 Something about having a Christmas tree in your home… It just makes your home so…. homey! Kevin brought me to Walmart last week […]

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Chef Mom!

My mom is the best cook i know! She can make a full table of food from scratch and feed 20 people AND there will still be food left over. She can make fried chicken that kevin though was store bought. She can make her own version of pork bone soup after having one at […]

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One day I will get myself one of these….

Have I mentioned before how much I love dogs? Hagu and Charlie had a play date while their owners (Elaine and Mary Car) worked. They were so cute together!!!!!!! It was hard to resist playing with them instead of taking pictures. But I did manage to capture a few photos before I gave up and […]

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