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Living on a budget

Unless you win the lottery jackpot, living alone requires heavy budgeting.

Buying in bulk when sometime goes on sale.. this is just the first of it..

other than mortgage payments, maintenance fees, bills and such, the place where one usually spends the most money is on food.

I have to say that i’ve been doing really good on my budget for food! And no, i don’t live on instant noodles and loafs of bread. Instead, i cook! I cook with grocery i buy from Chinatown, from my parent’s backyard, and my own balcony (more on that later).

Nothing goes to waste at my place. 🙂 I can make a meal out of left overs.

I attempted to make my first omelet ever. In concept, it seems really easy. In reality, it really was easy. not to be cocky or anything but i guess i’m a natural cook! 🙂

you be the judge.

doesn’t look like an omelet yet

but if you cut it open..

peel it open…

i left the egg half cooked inside so you get all them gooey goodless. 🙂


by tin

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Ina - looks yummy! next time we visit T.O. you can cook for us! I can't believe you can live within the budget you've set, for me, being married and having kid(s) the expenses naturally goes higher.09/08/2010 - 2:40 PM

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