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long overdue, but here it is

Everyone are amazed at the speed it took for me to get my unit all cleaned up and ready for show.

it took me a total of what? 2 days? (it’s only been a month and a half, and i can’t remember already..)

i’ve mentioned before how small (but perfect) my place is, and i was running out of space to put my furniture and counter space to put my purses, boxes, spice racks.. everything!!

but all the hard work’s paid off. I was super comfortable in my new home within a few days. 🙂

Now, may i introduce you, my beautiful unit. 🙂


by tin

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Kevin - I have to say that I was super stunned at how quickly you got everything together. you need a big print on that wall above the couch.07/15/2010 - 1:27 AM

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