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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Living on a budget

Unless you win the lottery jackpot, living alone requires heavy budgeting. Buying in bulk when sometime goes on sale.. this is just the first of it.. other than mortgage payments, maintenance fees, bills and such, the place where one usually spends the most money is on food. I have to say that i’ve been doing […]

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Home Alone

“Hey babe, can i ask you a question? Do you get loney now that you’ve moved out?” Before i had interent, everytime Kevin came over and needed to go online for whatever reason it may be, he would go upstairs and borrown my cousin Helen’s internet.  Last time he was there, they had a little […]

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long overdue, but here it is

Everyone are amazed at the speed it took for me to get my unit all cleaned up and ready for show. it took me a total of what? 2 days? (it’s only been a month and a half, and i can’t remember already..) i’ve mentioned before how small (but perfect) my place is, and i […]

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Summer is here!

okay summer’s been here for a while… but i haven’t had a chance to blog these pictures! (actually i haven’t had a chance to blog ANY pictures at all) There are only a few family members here in Canada, but we stick together and have family gatherings from time to time. To take advantage of […]

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Alright, seriously this time…. really.

alright… i know.. it’s been over a month since i blogged. but i have a valid excuse!!!!? yes, i had been living without internet for the past month and a week. please praise me. i think i could have gone even longer without internet but a certain someone apparently cannot live without internet and won’t […]

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