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Wedding season #2 – 70%

For two weekends in a row, I’ve assisted Kevin with two of his weddings. Jessica and Eric’s and Rachelle and Jim’s and I had a blast!!!! I was aching to test out my 5D and the beautiful weather that we’ve had for the past couple of weeks definitely helped mark a great start to the Wedding season.

This is only my second season of assisting but it is my first with the 5D…  And I absolutely LOVED it!!!!! 🙂 I was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough time to get used to it before the wedding season starts, but the  transition from XSi to 5D was smooth as butter!  Great buy, Lucy, great buy. *pat on the shoulder* (Thanks for hooking me up Eugene!)

I had been busy doing some last minute shopping for my move next week, so I won’t get a chance to look through my photos until later.  Kevin did, however, mention that i’ve improved greatly from Season 1!~ He said that 70% of my shots are “usable”… hmmm.. wonder what means.. raise? maybe? haha

there’s about a month gap until my next wedding, so I’ve  plenty of time to go through my shots and post my favorites on my blog~! stay tuned~!!


Here is a sneak peek of Jessica and Eric’s Wedding day. I had to add these in because when Kevin checked out my blog and found out that i’ve only been updating with words,  he was not pleased. (Kevin here does not read much unless there are pictures!) :p

This is for you Kevin.

More to come in a separate blog post!! 🙂


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