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what kinds of consequence is this??

“what happens on the weeks u forget? there has to be consequences!”


Kevin and I take the subway to work almost everyday, and one thing that we make sure we do on the subway is to read the Horoscopes section of the Metro.

My horoscope on May 20, 2010:  Start something new today, something you have been thinking about for weeks if not months but never quite got around to. And get other people involved too. Together you can do something magical.

I was a little big shocked when I read this. I HAVE been thinking about doing it for weeks if not months. Ever since it was confirmed that I was going to move out to the little condo of mine. 

I’ve heard of PAD (photo-a-day) but I know this is something that I cannot commit to. I can, however, commit to PAW. Kevin thinks it’s a great idea! 🙂 I think so too.

My friend, Kai’s initial reaction to this idea was quoted at the beginning of this post.  hmmmm consequences eh? having a consequence will definitely help me to keep the PAW going. but what should it be?

“post two pictures instead of one?” I say.

“lol no. too easy!”

“fine, 3 pictures”

“3 really good ones?”

that won’t do. I won’t be able to commit if the consequences are so easy to achieve. (in my mind)

from there, we somehow changed the subject to when Kai discovered some dirty pictures of himself with an ex. Kai, you dog, you.

and there it is. the consequence.

Kai said if I do it, he will subscribe to my blog.

if I miss a week, I will have to post a dirty picture on my blog.  Umm… I don’t think so!!

PAW will start on the first week that I move out. 🙂


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