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Toronto’s Bridal Show 2014

We did it! Our first show at the Toronto’s Bridal Show was a huge success! It took months of planning and seeing everything put together just made all the effort worth it. A big big BIG thank you to my bestie Lisa of Wu La La. It was her vision that brought my booth to live! :) She also did most of the leg work and DIY projects for putting the booth together! (I am so lucky to have her in my life)

We had planned on manning the booth together for all 3 days when I booked a wedding for April 12th…. the busiest day of the 3… I felt so bad that I could not be there with her! Good thing Lisa’s husband, Edwin, stepped up and helped us out for Saturday! I really DO have great friends and support team! :) LOVE YOU GUYSSSSS~~

Also, of course, my husband Kevin was there through out the process to help make things a lot of easier for me! From the design of the promo cards I gave out at the show, to all the heavy lifting from set up… He was there with me (minus some minor complaints lol) through thick and thin~ Love this guy to death~ :)

Special shout out to our dear friends Sandy and Albert for lending us their great desks for the show. The vision just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Lunch: check

All packed up and ready to go!

The beginning.

Lisa is such a handy-woman! :)


For more photos and the DIYs for putting this booth together, feel free to check out Lisa’s blog post!

Winner shot: Gloria and David

What a perfect start of this year’s wedding season. :)

Here’s a quick edit of the winner shot from Gloria and David’s wedding today. Cannot wait to share with you the rest of the photos!!!!

Wedding compilations

Wow. I’ve never really thought about how long I have been doing wedding photography until one day I decided to look at my first few blog posts. It’s quite shocking really, reading the blog posts and looking at the photos from 2009. Has it really been 5 years? You don’t thinking about it until you see it, but wow I’ve really come a long way hahaha

Ever since the beginning, I made sure that I blog every single wedding that I’ve photographed, whether it be my own gig or as a second photographer. Recently, however, I’ve been finding it harder and harder to keep up with the blogging. It may not sound like a lot, but shooting average 15-20 weddings a year means 600+ photos per wedding to edit. And editing takes time. A lot of time. For the weddings that I second shot at, I keep the files on my computer, thinking that I would blog about it later on the week. And then that turned into month, and finally into year and that was the end of it. I realized that I can no longer blog every single wedding and it makes me sad that I cannot share some of the beautiful moments I’ve captured.

Since it’s just the beginning of the wedding season for me, I finally have the time to go through the photos from a while back. I know I cannot blog every single wedding, but I can chose a few of my favorites  from each wedding and share them with you. :)

This is only part 1 of who knows how many more. Some photos even go back to 2012! Enjoy~ :)

Winner shot: Maggie and Eric + Jasper

First time meeting an English bulldog. And OMG am I in love!!!

Can’t wait to share the rest of the photos!

Happy Valentines Day!

Today is Valentines Day. It is a day where we celebrate love. I loveeeeee love. All things about love. I guess you can say that it’s one of the biggest reasons why I am a wedding photographer. :) Being a wedding photographer, not only am I able to attend 20+ weddings a year, I get to document that love between each couple. :)

After shooting so many weddings, it is not rare to see brides (and sometimes grooms) who are so involved in the wedding planning process, they sometimes forget what the day is actually about. Celebrating their love with their friends and family. I understand that you want everything to go smoothly and look perfect, just the way you have envisioned, but you need to remember to relax and enjoy your day. :) This is why it’s great to have professional help to with planning and oversee the wedding day, just the way you like it to be.

Now, here’s someone you can consider! My best friend Lisa had just officially launched her wedding planning business, WuLaLa Weddings, today!!!!! Woo Hoo~~~!!! What started out as helping her with her portfolio photo, became a styled shoot, and finally, to a Valentines Day inspired party. Here are a few photos from the launch party. To see more, check out her website hereeeeeeee!! <3

(By the way, how many times did I mention love in this blog post? Not enough apparently. LOVEEEE)


I always love making little snacks to nibble here and there. Since spring/summer/fall is always busy for me, I try to take advantage of winter to make as much things as possible. It also works out for the better, since a lot of the major holidays is during winter time, and I am able to gift the goodies that I make. :)

It’s Valentines day tomorrow, and I made a batch of heart shaped short bread cookies to nibble on and to gift to people. <3

Thought I’d get a little creative with the cookie cutter. :)

They make great little gifts for your loved ones. :)

As I was saying, tomorrow is Valentines day. There’s a blog post that’s coming tomorrow that I’ve been dying to show off! Stay tuned!!