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05.16.2015 Michelle and David

It was December of 2013. While on vacation at California, David convinced Michelle to do a couples photo session to help out his cousin who is into photography. Of course, this was all orchestrated by David for the big proposal. They decided to get the photos done at the beach. David was extremely nervous. Not only was he about to propose to his best friend, he had the ring in his pocket and they were on a beach! If he had dropped that ring, there would not be a proposal! David kept on kissing Michelle to hide his nervousness. She had no idea what was about to happen….

Needless to say, the proposal was a big success! A year and a half later, David’s best friend, became his wife.

Congrats Michelle and David!!! Thank you for sharing one of the most important days of your lives with me. It was truly a pleasure! <3

Winner shot: Lisa and Brian

We set a date for Lisa and Brian’s engagement session. Cancelled due to rain. Set another date for the engagement session. Cancelled again due to rain. And repeat a couple more times and here we are.

All I have to say is, well worth the wait.<3

Winner shot: Jillian and Nathan

These two haven been together for 8 years. And you can still see that spark between them!

Winner shot: Lucie and Chris

Wedding Cape anyone? Yup. Lucie wore a cape for her wedding! How awesome is that!!

10.04.2014 Maggie and Eric

Remember that ice storm from a couple of years ago? Yeah, that one where people avoided going out because of the slippery ice everywhere! The ice storm, however, did not stop Eric from planning something special for Maggie. It was right before Christmas of 2013. Maggie’s parents were visiting from out of town. Knowing how important Maggie’s parents are to her, Eric proposed to her during dinner at the Panorama restaurant with her parents as witnesses. :)

Their wedding took place at the Caroline Cellars. Although the wedding was small, it was nice and intimate, and it was full of love for these two.

One of my favourite moments from their wedding was during the first look. It was raining. Both from the sky and from Maggie’s eyes. haha <3

Enjoy these photos from the day.



Janice and Daniel are engaged!

Guys, meet….

Janice and Daniel were a little bit uncomfortable at the beginning of their engagement session. I mean, you just met this person a couple of times and now she is following you around for a couple of hours taking pictures of you? I’d feel uncomfortable too!

But that’s just it. It is very important to include an engagement session to your package when you book your wedding photographer. This is the only chance you get to know how it feels to be in front of a camera for hours at a time. This is the time where you get used to the paparazzi that will follow you around on your wedding day.

It is also important for the photographer because this is where we learn how to make this specific couple warm up to the camera. You learn what kinds of jokes are appropriate to make them laugh. What kind of poses they can pull off. How to become a friend to the couple, and not just a photographer.

You will see at the end of this post to see just how comfortable Janice and Daniel are infront of my camera. <3

Wow. Just wow. I love you guys!