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Winner Shot: Janice and Daniel

Had so much fun today at the Humber bridge with Janice and Daniel! We had lots of props to play with, including this hugeeeeee ballon! Can’t wait to share the rest from this session!!

Winner Shot: Michelle and David

My first wedding of the season happens to also be my first wedding after baby was born…. and I have to say, what a great first wedding back!!

We were blessed with the perfect May weather. I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos with you all!!!!!!

Argh!! I just love these two!


Took photos of this cutie today. Isn’t she a doll?

I think I’m in love with doing new born photos. <3


Omg baby is four months today. It’s been a very very busy month for us as we are in the process of moving and baby is going through her 4 month sleep regression as well as growth spurt/wonder week.

I took her out on my own for the very first time and thankfully she was soooo good that it gave me more confidence to bring her out more on my own. Yay no more being stuck at home all day! Perfect timing since the weather has been so nice lately too! Can’t wait until we are settled into our new home and we can spend even more time outdoors. :)

Baby giggled for the very first time over the weekend. And both Kevin and I missed it since I was at the Toront’s Bridal Show and Kevin was helping me out :( Thankfully my sister took a video of it, but it was still kind of sad that we missed it. She hasn’t giggled since then. Hoping to hear it in person soon!!!


Baby is 3 months old today. Wow they seriously grow up way too fast.

We think she’s going to start talking soon with all the noises she’s making. I apparently started talking at 8 months and my first words was actually a complete sentence! I’m a little embarrassed to share what I had said though… hahah even though I’m pretty sure a lot of you already know if you came to the baby shower. My first words were…. I want to eat meat….. yeah…. not mama or dada, but, I want to eat meat!!!

That explains a lot on why it’s so hard for me to lose the baby weight! lol

Anyways, here’s hoping baby’s like me and will talk before she hits 12 months. If not, it’s okay too, she can stay being a baby as long as she wants… my baby <3

09.28.2014 Valeria and Jeremy

I remember when I was planning for my own wedding back in 2012-2013….. Actually, I should say, I remember NOT planning my wedding and just let Kevin handle most of the planning for our wedding in Cuba. I wanted to be as stress-free as possible and luckily for me, Kevin was great handling the schedules, back and forth emails, booking flights, and coordinating with the resort wedding planner. Even while we were in Cuba, I told all of our 40 guests if they had any questions regarding the wedding, talk to Kevin. If you need me, you can find me at the beach. I’m one lucky girl to have Kevin do all the stressful stuff.

Valeria is the same. She did not want to stress about the wedding details, so she hung back and just let Jeremy handle most of the wedding details. Good thing Jeremy is super organized and with the help of wedding and events coordinate, Lisa from WuLaLa Weddings, the wedding was just as beautiful as one can imagine. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was just perfect. From the beautiful bouquets, to the ceremony, to the performances during reception… everything. <3

Enjoy this mega post with 50+ photos. :)