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05.03.2014 Jo and Alvin

Alright, here it is! Jo and Alvin’s wedding photos are finally up on the blog~~ I’ve been slacking in the blogging but I have a valid (?) excuse!! This baby is draining all my energy!! :p

Jo and Alvin’s wedding was the first one I shot since finding out that I was pregos (shot Gloria and David’s wedding pregnant too, but I just didn’t know it yet). We were both a little worried how my body would handle it, and since we couldn’t tell anyone before the 3 month mark, it was hard to ask for help on the wedding day. Luckily, Kevin was able to second shoot for me, and he did most of the leg work for me on the day of. Thank you husband. <3 Also, it just so happens that a friend of mine had some interests in wedding photography and would love to tag along and learn a bit more from me, I had an assistant/bag carrier for that day as well. Thank goodness for Nancy!! She carried my bag for me most of the time and that really saved my back!! <3

Even though it rained on Jo and Alvin’s wedding day, it did not stop us from taking some great photos!! We had planned a little set up with the talented Lisa from Wu La La Weddings as a mini surprise to Jo and Alvin and it was just perfect for our mini indoor photo session. :) Enjoy the photos~

Published: Wedding Obsession – Valeria and Jeremy are engaged!

Very happy to have my work being featured at the Wedding Obsession :)

“Valeria and Jeremy’s outdoor engagement is sure to put a smile on your face, especially with the beautiful weather we’ve been having as of late. Styled by WuLaLa Weddings & Events , the combination of balloons, bubbles and an evening picnic are pretty much perfect. Photos are by Lucy Chang Photography.”

This themed engagement photoshoot was put together super last minute, but it turned out so perfectly! Always always ALWAYS a plus to have a wedding planner like Lisa from WuLaLa Weddings to plan and put together a mini set for a photoshoot. I just love her work!

To read more about it, or to look at more photos from Val and Jeremy’s engagement session on the Toronto Centre Island, click HERE

Lily and Dana are engaged!

It was Christmas Day, Dana had it all planned out. He had everything set up at his condo, now he just had to wait until Lily wakes up to see the surprise he had planned for her.

Dana hid in the washroom and waited. Lily continued sleeping. Dana tried calling his home line, hoping that will wake her up. Lily continued sleeping….. :p

It actually took him 5 phone calls to the home line before Lily woke up, walked right past the set up with the ring, and to the phone, past the set up again, and…… back to bed.

Hahah after hearing their proposal story, I knew I would get along with Lily just fine. For I am a big sleeper myself :)

Afterwards, Dana just couldn’t take it anymore and went directly into the bedroom to wake Lily up himself and showed her the ring and the entire set up. And of course, even though it didn’t go according to plan at the beginning, the ending is just what Dana had anticipated. She said yes. <3

Winner Shot: Sally and Mark

No one cared about the rain today. Not when you are as in love as Sally and Mark. <3

The beginning…

April 20th, 2014 – (week 4)

It’s only been 2 days since we found out that I am pregos from the pregnancy test, Good Friday of 2014. Since it’s the long weekend I haven’t had a chance to go to the doctors for the actual confirmation yet, but in my heart I knew that I am pregnant already. :) I think it’s something that you just know… Or feel?

It’s pretty funny since just the morning of Good Friday, inside the car on our way to a friends home, I was telling Kevin that I smell something greasy. Kevin looked at me funny and said, “You know pregnant women have a more sensitive sense of smell…..” I didn’t think much at the time, but later on when we got home, I did the test and of course, it was confirmed.

From the initial shock, to right now where it’s hard to put into word exactly how I feel. It’s still quite unbelievable that I have a baby growing inside my tummy?!?! Sometimes I just walk in front of the mirror and lift up my shirt to see if my tummy got any bigger. Hahhaha so silly… it’s just the big dinner that I had. :p There’s no way my tummy would show already when it’s still less than a month in :p

Anyways, since you can’t announce until at least 3 months, I can’t post this until much much later. Maybe I’ll just keep this as a draft and keep updating it until when we can finally announce the good news. :)


update: April 23rd 2014 – (week 4)

It was confirmed by a blood test. I am officially growing a baby in my tummy. OMG a BABY IN MY TUMMY!! I feel like going out for a drive while honking my horn hahaha


update: April 30th 2014 – (week 5)

It is so hard to keep it a secret from everyone. So far, the only people that we’ve told are immediate families. We took a few videos of their reactions hahahah maybe I’ll share it on the blog later. :) But for everyone else, we want to keep it hush hush until we pass the 3 month mark. This is extremely hard since I NEVER pass on an opportunity to drink… boo… and people have their hawk eyes on me at all times because they know that we are trying to conceive.


update: May 4th 2014 – (week 6)

Bestie’s birthday today! Sooooo want to tell her about the pregnancy…… Ahhhhhhh I never keep secrets from her hahaha this is so harddddd!!!

So for the past few days, I’ve been experiencing a lot of pregnancy brains, you know, forgetting things here and there. Which is normal to pregnant women. The only thing is, Kevin seems to be suffering from it more than I am (wtf?) lol~ Just today, as he was leaving for an engagement shoot,  we kissed good bye and he opened the door….. and came right back in. Yup, dear husband just realized that he forgot to wear shoes. hahhahahahah :) he makes me laugh.


update: May 18th 2014 – (week 8)

It’s getting very very hard to keep this a secret from everyone else. Especially since I do not drink (alcohol) anymore. In order to avoid being questioned at a house warming party, we got Kevin’s brother (the first person we told) to help us out by grabbing a “beer” for me. When he went to grab the beer, it was actually an empty bottle of beer that he filled up with water. Muahahhah worked like a charm. All suspicions were erased once they saw me drinking.


update: May 27th 2014 – (week 9)

Is it pregnancy hormones? For the past week I have gotten upset at Kevin 3 times already. Makes me wonder if I am usually like this, or is this pregnancy hormone really making me more impatient? The first time was when he asked me to help him with laundry, second time was when we were trying to take photos of my belly, and third being that Kevin complained that I don’t make enough money :(

Argh still mad right now. I’ll just blame it on the hormones.


update: May 31st 2014 – (week 10)

So what exactly are “vivid” dreams that pregnant women claim to have? All I have been having are nightmares. Well, not really scary nightmares, but more annoying than anything else. Ahhhh okay fine sometimes they were really scary and I wake up scared :( One night I was having a night mare and there was this loud noise that scared the crap out of me and woke me up. Kevin noticed and started calming me down. It wasn’t until the next morning when I realized what that “loud noise” actually was…. :o


update: June 18th 2014 – (week 12)

First prenatal appointment. :) Got to see baby today.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been having bad dreams. I think I was just really worried that I won’t be able to see baby from the ultrasound.

Our tech did not allow us to take pictures of the ultrasound so we had to pay for a print. But here it is!

It’s only a side profile of the head. Can you see the little nose and pouting lips? lol

During the ultrasound, we saw the heart beat (160 bpm) and saw baby’s little foot and waving arms.

People say that the moment you see baby for the first time you will usually tear up from happiness. Ummm yeah I didn’t. I just kept on giggling because baby was waving his/her arms hahahha

The tech had to tell me to stop giggling or he’s not going to show me the monitor anymore :(


update: July 6th 2014 – (week 15)

PB (pregnancy brain) strikes again!

I parked my car, brought everything up to our 8th floor apartment, got inside, and realized that I forgot my phone in the car. So I left everything at home, took the keys, went back downstairs to my car, walk up to my car, and realized that I forgot to bring my car keys. So I had to go back up again, and back down again, just because I forgot my phone.

Well that’s enough exercise for today. Sigh…

Winner Shot: Lily and Dana

It’s always really cute when couples come to me and tell me they are not photogenic and they are worried that they won’t know what to do in front of the camera. I always just tell them to be themselves and pretend that they are on a date and don’t even bother looking at the camera. And just when they are most relaxed, I tell them to look at me………… and BAM!

Winner shot from today. They were so worried at the beginning, but look at the result! I’m sure you will all agree with me that Lily and Dana have no trouble looking great in front of my camera. <3